Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan is a Mexican-American dog trainer famous for his TV series, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. He has also written three books, which have been a good success in the market. He was married to Illusion Millan but later, got divorced. Cesar was married to Illusion for about 16 years and she initiated the divorce, in 2010. Cesar attempted suicide as he could not cope up with the fact that his marriage life is over. He is now with his new girlfriend, Jahir Dar who lives with him and his younger son.
Many sources say that his wife was paid a hefty sum of 400 thousand dollars and a monthly 33 thousand dollars to keep the stories about their private life, away from the media. The divorce settlement paper also revealed that she is not supposed to expose any information about their marriage life, sexual relationship or any other personal details like photos, videos or other materials.

In an old interview with the media, his wife stated that he had a hard time in loving her because he was so much attached to his pets and he was not a people’s person. After the birth of their first son, she had a gall bladder surgery and he never visited her in the hospital. On the day she came back home, he was very much with his dogs than with her. In the same interview, he said that the man’s work is to earn money to feed for the family. She accused that if he did not get what he wanted, he was verbally very abusive and would start screaming.

He referred her as a strong and stubborn woman. She said that he focused on her wrongs, in a hope that she will become submissive. However, things took the other way round and she left him. After she left him, he called her back, to ask her if they could get back together. She agreed with the condition of counseling. During the therapy she said that she did not want him to treat her like a property and claimed that he never said that he loved her. He claimed that she would expect him to be patient and cuddling when she is upset but she does not do that, when he is upset.

On the bright side, he said that his wife is an expert in the emotions and she motivated him to move on in his career. She, on the other hand, said that her husband broadened her world. When his favorite dog, Daddy, died in 2010, his wife also left him. The divorce news came to him as a shock, when he was in England. Unable to cope up with two big losses, he attempted suicide with over dosage of drugs but was rescued and was hospitalized. Today, after two years, he has Junior to fill the void of Daddy, his new girlfriend and his job to make his life go smoothly. He also has special plans to surprise Jahira with a marriage proposal. Though everything is set in the right place, nothing could actually fill the empty space Daddy has left in his heart.


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