Thursday, November 14, 2013

Read The Story Of Nick Vujicic And Get Well Soon

We have loads of problems in life aren’t we? Issues of various types and if we start making a list of the various types of issues a man can face, we might run out of paper!

At times we tend to blame our parents, our partners, our colleagues or even God. “Why me?” is a frequent question we tend to ask the Almighty. But did we ever think of persons who are going through worse situations than us? May be yes or may be no.
Can you ever think of someone..
  • Who has no arms or legs yet smiles and thanks God?
  • Who although not mentally disabled, was debarred from attending mainstream school because of state laws?
  • Who once planned to end his life because of getting bullied at his school, but went on to secure a double major degree in Accounts and Financial Planning?
I bet no one in his wildest dreams can ever think of what Nick has been through. Nick Vujicic has NO Arms, NO Legs But YES He Has Lots of Smiles. He has not only overcome his problems in life but is now traveling worldwide to make others smile. Friends this is a true story, the story of Nick Vujicic.
He is a motivational speaker (smile maker) and a preacher who has taken the responsibility to tell others the importance of hope, determination and strength.
Just watch this YouTube presentation from the person himself.
How on earth does Nick do “all those things”? Watch this video.

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