Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arthur Zang - Extraordinary People Changing the Game


The treatment of heart conditions is one of the major issues in many countries today, especially in Africa where there is a great shortage of cardiologists when compared to the overall population. In such places, people experience great risks in having their heart issues addressed, and some even die while waiting for help to come. Fortunately, there are people, who even in their young are already genuinely passionate about solving their community’s problems – people like Arthur Zang.
Arthur Zang is a young engineer and inventor who is most known for the “Cardiopad”, the first ever touch screen medical tablet in Africa that helps connect patients and cardiologists who are vastly distanced from each other by utilizing two of today’s greatest technological wonders – the internet and the digital tablet.


Simply put, the Cardiopad works as a medical examination device like the ECG and transmits the results to various heart surgeons throughout the country through the internet. As a result, the appropriate surgeon can then give his professional advice on the proper procedures and thus save time and resources in treating the heart condition before it gets worse.
While Arthur’s invention may not be the first of its kind in the world, it is very unique given the fact that it was designed and developed in a place where research and technology is often unnoticed because of bigger problems like poverty and rebellion. Arthur’s invention of the cardiopad not only revolutionized the way heart treatment is done in Cameroon, but it also showed the people in the country that their economic state is not a hindrance for them to be able to advance in technology.


Arthur’s natural aptitude and talent for engineering may seem to be the main reason behind the success of his invention, but if you look deeper, it is because of his genuine desire to help his fellow countrymen that enables him to do what he does. Having gone through a difficult life when he was still young, Arthur developed a desire to see change happen in his country, and this is what caused him to devote his time, effort and resources to come up with a great invention like the cardiopad.


But it is not just his passion – Arthur is also determined and persistent, not letting disappointments get in the way of him achieving his goal. When Arthur started promoting his invention, his funding efforts at several times ended in disappointment because the banks turned him away – but this did not for once discourage him from continuing. Because of Arthur’s perseverance, he was able to get the government to help and fund his invention, thus saving the lives of millions of people through the advantages brought in by the cardiopad.


A truly extraordinary person by right, Arthur has indeed earned his way to becoming one of the youngest successful inventors today. He has been named as one of TIME Magazine’s “30 under 30 People Who are Changing the World” and was included by Forbes Magazine in their “30 under 30” list. He is also a recipient of the African Mobile Award, which simply proves just how significant his work has been in revolutionizing the medical industry.
Arthur Zang’s life and career is a true testament to what it means to use science for the betterment of mankind. He serves as an amazing inspiration to many young people to not only be interested in science and engineering, but to also use what they know so that they could be a great asset to their community.


  1. Arthur Zang is the inventor of the Cardiopad, the first ever fully touch screen medical tablet in Africa.
  2. His invention also revolutionized heart treatment in his country by bridging the vast gap between the 20 million Cameroonians and the 30 cardiologists in the country.
  3. Through his persistence and perseverance, the Cameroonian government gave over 300 thousand Euros for the development and construction of Cardiopads.
  4. He was named as one of the most successful young inventors in the world today.
  5. He was included in the “30 under 30: World Changers” list by TIME Magazine.
  6. Forbes Magazine named him as one of their “30 under 30” celebrities.
  7. He founded his own company, the Himore Medical Equipments.
  8. He is a recipient of the African Mobile Award.
  9. His life and career proves that poverty is never a hindrance to achieving great things.
  10. He is among the few young scientists and engineers in Cameroon.

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