Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Founder of Orangutan Outreach

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Orangutans are marvellous apes that used to roam across the islands of Southeast Asia, but recently their numbers have been dwindling due to massive deforestation and hunting. In these dangerous times for these tame and kind creatures, there are those who fight to protect them and make sure that they never go extinct—people like Richard Zimmerman.

Richard Zimmerman is a philanthropist and animal activist who is most famous for being the founder of Orangutan Outreach, one of the largest animal conservation organizations in the world today. Aiming to not just protect and save the orangutans from extinction, Orangutan Outreach has also made it their advocacy to get more people involved through the internet and other forms of media.


One of the main reasons of Orangutan Outreach’s success is Richard’s untiring determination to get things done for the sake of the orangutans. After personally witnessing the plight of the orangutans in Indonesia, Richard has made it his personal mission to help preserve one of nature’s most awesome creatures. And since he started advocating for the protection and preservation of the orangutans, Richard has always moved forward with courage, never allowing the threats and obstacles to discourage him from keeping true to his dream of saving the orangutans.

Anyone could have a dream to change the world, but it takes a great amount of courage and determination to bring it to pass. Amazingly, Richard managed to possess both, and has been successfully making a significant impact in the world of orangutans by creating campaigns that not only give these lovable apes’ protection and comfort away from their home, but also improve their lives through projects that enable them to learn more about their new habitat.


Throughout his life, Richard has possessed an immense love and understanding for animals, and this is one of the reasons why he is so successful in what he does. Richard’s passion in helping the orangutans has enabled him to look past the seemingly overwhelming opposition and peer into the future where the orangutans can freely roam in their habitat, with no threat of their homes being destroyed or their kind being hunted.

One of the biggest things that Richard has emphasized in his career is people getting involved. For Richard, the more people join in, the more things can be done to protect the orangutans. There is something so powerful in uniting for a common cause, especially with the younger generation who are eager to make their mark in history.

As Richard says:

“We need to raise awareness—especially among other young people—of the crisis facing orangutans. We need to get more kids involved! When we all work together, we are much stronger than when we try to do everything ourselves.”

Whether it be in zoos or in the wild, Richard is dedicated to improving the situation for the orangutans. As he says in an interview:

“The primary mission of Orangutan Outreach is to protect and care for orphaned and displaced orangutans in Indonesia, but we are also concerned with the well-being of orangutans in zoos and sanctuaries. We will do whatever we can to improve the lives of orangutans anywhere.”

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